The Social Justice School is a new 5th – 8th school opening in Washington, D.C. in Fall 2020.

We seek to build an intentional community and foster the passions of our students. Our model blends rigorous academics with community-centered project based learning and liberatory design thinking. 

The Social Justice School is led by a team of educators with over 50+ years of combined experience in education and social justice work. 


FEARLESS in the face of injustice

RELENTLESS in the pursuit of justice

EMPATHETIC – Aware of and understand the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others

ENGAGED – Takes ownership of learning, engages with heart and mind, asks questions, and fully immersed in learning

“Given the opportunity, I would, without a doubt, send my daughter to the Social Justice School. I cannot remember a time when my daughter was so cognizant about social issues like implicit biases or gender biases / discrimination. I believe, over the last 4 weeks attending the Freedom Academy, my daughter has gained some self awareness and has begun the transformation from a ‘rebel without a cause,’ to a rebel WITH a cause.”

– parent of a student in our pilot program