Freedom Academy

“I cannot remember a time when my daughter was so cognizant about social issues like implicit biases or gender biases and discrimination. I believe, over the last 4 weeks attending the Freedom Academy, my daughter has gained some self awareness and has begun the transformation from a rebel without a cause, to a rebel WITH a cause.”

– Parent of a Scholar-Activist in Summer 2018

Our 4-week Freedom Academy focused on using our Liberatory Design Thinking Process and Common Core Math and ELA standards to tackle interdisciplinary social justice design challenges, ultimately creating innovative solutions to real world problems like mass incarceration and racial terror. Students practiced the F.R.E.E. values in all work and interactions, including a week-long over night Civil Rights tour of the south and an intersectional identity workshop.

  • 24 total student participants (Scholar-Activists); diverse socioeconomic and ethnic background; 50/50 gender distribution
  • 90% of families signed a letter of intent and would recommend to a friend
  • 100% of students said they wanted to and would attend a school with racial social justice as pillars 
  • 100% of students participated in an optional public speaking workshop to share their intersectional identities stories with teachers and peers