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so·cial jus·tice

Social Justice is a designed response to systems of inequity by creating an inclusive and equitable world.

We are empowering and preparing students to design those responses.

The Social Justice School is a new 5th - 8th school opening in Washington, D.C. in Fall 2020.


The Social Justice School will catalyze an integrated community to be scholar-activists who are designers of a more just world. 


The Social Justice School (SJS) is a proof point of a true American community— racially and socioeconomically diverse, integrated, democratic, and problem-solving. In this community, students, teachers and parents develop a passion for social justice and are empowered to identify needs and enact change in their school, community, and the world.

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Expeditionary Learning is a foundational building block of the Social Justice School. In an expeditionary learning, or EL, model, meaningful work and real-life projects focus student learning on mastering content and skills through application and practice.  Our school will extend the EL model by engaging students in community-centered, project-based learning that enables them to address challenges affecting them and their communities here in Washington, D.C. Further, we will empower students to apply their rigorous academic knowledge to project-based learning with a toolkit of equity skills. They will learn about and apply the liberatory design thinking process—a creative approach to problem solving that accounts for the root causes of inequity and inequitable power relationships. The Social Justice School combines these powerful educational tools to create an educational space where students across difference engage critically with the world and interrupt systems of inequality toward designing equitable systems with equal outcomes.

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We are an Intentionally Inclusive Community: Building a culture of inclusiveness where the cultures of students and families are represented in the schools’ curriculum and are valued by every member of the school community. Our community is intentionally integrated across race, class and home language.

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Students co-created the schools’ values of F.R.E.E. and experienced a 4-week Freedom Academy that focused on hands-on workshops, rigorous academic study, and an overnight Civil Rights Trip through the south.

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